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Target Shooting



Rifle Target Shooting is one the most popular activities within the ATC, and is available to cadets as soon as they have passed the appropriate test conducted by a qualified instructor.

Shooting can take place on indoor and outdoor ranges, usually 25m in length, and are conducted by Range Conducting Officers (RCO's) who hold a valid range certificate. Various types of ranges can be run including deliberate fire, rapid fire, and snap.


Weapons Handling Test (WHT)

Safety is paramount when running ranges, and extensive training is provided to those who conduct and supervise the various training and range activities.

All cadets are required to pass a Weapons Handling Test (WHT) before they are allowed near a range. They are trained by qualified instructors in how weapons work, safety, and marksmanship principles.

Once qualified and on a range, cadets are always under the direct supervision of the Range Conducting Officer (RCO)


No.8 Bolt Action Rifle

Dreamweaver CS3These rifles are modified Lee Enfield No.4 rifles that have been used as far back as World War 2. They are modified to fire the .22 long rifle round.

This weapon is excellent for getting cadets used to handling weapons and increasing marksmanship, since the rifle makes little noise and has little recoil meaning that even the youngest cadets are capable of handling the weapon.


L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle

Dreamweaver CS3 This rifle is a modified version of the Enfield L85A2 which is currently in active service. It is re-cocked by gas from the previous round fired. Rounds are contained in a magazine fitted to the rifle.

You have to complete a separate Weapons Handling Test to be able to fire this weapon, as it uses high velocity ammunition and provides a degree of recoil. Because of this cadets must be 14 to fire this rifle.


L81A2 Cadet Target Rifle

Dreamweaver CS3This rifle is very similar in operation to the No.8, in that it is a single shot bolt action rifle.

Where the L81A2 differs is in the size of the ammunition, which is larger, and is far more accurate than the No.8.





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