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Viking T1

Dreamweaver CS3The Grob Viking is the main Glider that is used by the Air Training Corps to provide cadets and staff with the opportunity of unpowered flight.

The Grob Viking is a two-seater glider allowing space for the qualified pilot and the student. It is launched by means of a winch that is towed in from the other side of the airfield and can allow flights of approximately 5 minutes, although in warm conditions flights can be much longer.



Vigilant T1

Dreamweaver CS3 Unlike the Viking the Vigilant is a motor glider with an engine and propeller. This means it can launch itself like a normal powered aeroplane but still be flown as a glider. The engine isn't powerful enough for rapid climbing (or aerobatics) but the Vigilant is an agile aircraft, capable of soaring in thermals under the right conditions.

Instead of being seated in front or behind your instructor like in the Viking, the Vigilant seats two, side-by-side. It also needs less ground staff as it can take off and land under its own steam. Flights last much longer too - usually about 45 minutes.


Gliding Scholarships

Dreamweaver CS3These are open to any cadet over the ago of 16 and provides a greater amount of flight time leading to a possible solo flight.

On a scholarship you will receive 8 hours flying in the Vigilant or 40 launches in the Viking.

Course may take place over the course of a week or several weekends.

On successful complete of the course you are awarded your blue wings.


Going Solo

Dreamweaver CS3Show the necessary aptitude and you could be invited to progress to solo standard and even achieve your silver GS wings for flying solo!

This will usually consist of increasing your flying time on your gliding scholarship course by 20%, increasing your confidence and ability before flying solo.



Advanced Glider Trainer (AGT)

Dreamweaver CS3It doesn't end there. If you're one of the best you could be invited, or apply, to become a Flight Staff Cadet. Training to a much higher level, your gold GS wings for Advanced Glider Training (AGT) await.

And if you make it that far, it won't have been easy. You'll have a real talent for flying.




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